B & B The Gouverneur is located in 2 nationally listed buildings located on the Vaart Zuid Zijde, numbers 25 and 29.


No. 25

In 1800 this house with in-house coach house was inhabited by Petrus Hofstede, the first governor of Drenthe.
In his function as governor he was typified as an authoritarian director, who however managed to bring Assen to cultural prosperity.
Well known were the glorious celebrations and dinners he gave.
Hofstede married Susanna Christina Kymmell on 5 March 1782. They had 10 children.
Hofstede and his wife are buried at the Noorderbegraafplaats in Assen, 750 meters away from his house!
The Gouverneur Hofstede ensured that Louis Napoleon, the king of the Netherlands and the brother of the great Napoleon, visited Assen and granted Assen on 13 March 1809 city rights, although Assen actually had too few inhabitants.
He also donated the meanest Asserbos, also known as the star forest.
The current appearance of the house at no. 25 is the result of a rebuilt around 1875 in an eclectic style.
The house is strongly related to the buildings 25a, 27 and 29 as well as the numbers 42 2n 46 on the other side, Vaart Noordzijde.

No. 29

This broad house actually consists of two buildings that were merged around 1875 and then received the current, common facade.
In 1930, the room layout was changed during an interior renovation and the building was divided into two dwellings.
The fa├žade, built in eclectic style, belongs to the type that is characteristic of the buildings on the Vaart.
The buildings belong to the many nineteenth and early twentieth century houses for the well-to-do citizen on the Vaart, which testify to the increasing prosperity of many Assen residents as a result of the explosive growth of Assen in that period.
The house on NR 25 has been completely restored after years of decay in 2012 and has been lovingly transformed into a house and Boutique Hotel.
The house on NR 29 got a new destination from 2017 and in 6 months time was transformed into a house and Boutique Hotel.